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Portland Oregon Distressed Property Buyer

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Advance up to $50,000 today even before you close on your home

13 years accredited investor

Who We Are

Urban Housing Development, LLC is a professional real estate company, specializing in helping people & businesses with their problem properties throughout the Portland Metro area.

We focus on helping people sell their homes fast when faced with less than ideal circumstances. We understand difficult situations & provide ease of transaction every time. We care about people and we care about Portland.

Upon improvement, we preserve original elements, blended with modern ideas to formulate an elegant and classy structure to fit your needs today. We use many renewable resources, and are always working towards building a better community while striving to keep it beautiful & pollutant-free.

Your options when selling a home

For Sale by OwnerRealtorUrban Housing Development
Repairs Required Required No Repairs
Inspections Required Required No inspections
House Showings Required Required No showings
Termite Reporting Usually Required No termite reporting
Clean Up Usually Required No clean up
Yard “For Sale Sign” Usually Required No signs
Appraisal Needed Usually Always with loans No appraisal
Marketing Time Investment 4.5+ months average 3+ months average No marketing time
Commision Paid 3% (buyers realtor) 6% No marketing time
Closing Costs You pay You pay No closing costs
Funding Usually a loan Usually a loan $ Cash Now $