Brokers working with UHD PDX

UHD PDX is driven. We focus on growth and continually closing deals, making plans, and developing our community. One of the routes of our success is built within the solid working relationships we manage with our long-term brokers.

The incentive program for our brokers is exceptional. See, we endeavor to keep our valued brokers inspired because we know the hard work that goes into securing listings. Our brokers know their interests are always protected at UHD PDX, and their work will always be rewarded.

Broker Loyalty

At UHD PDX, we define loyalty around our brokers with these facets in mind:

  • Responsiveness – We emphasize an exceptional level of responsiveness from our brokers.
  • Commitment – We want our brokers to commit to UHD PDX’s promises to our clients.
  • Speed – We look for flawless, yet speedy transaction executions.
  • Transparency – We believe transparency in underwriting is non-negotiable.
  • Drive – Like us, we look for our brokers to be motivated and demonstrate a proven ability to create new transaction opportunities.
  • Protection – We are committed to protecting our brokers’ interests and will put any of these in writing.
  • Opportunity – We provide a direct investment opportunity for our brokers to invest their entire, or a part, of their commission into our deals.

Broker Incentives

We know when a “thank-you” is in order, and we’re grateful for the positive impact from our brokers. We offer more than just commission to brokers that secure multi-family development investments for UHD PDX.

Current incentives for “off market opportunities”:

  • $1000 Gift Card to
  • 5 Nights at any Ritz Carleton, worldwide! We will contribute up to $10k towards roundtrip air and hotel accommodations.


  • An extra 1% premium on commission will be paid for “Off Market Opportunities” to the procuring broker (up to $100k)

Become a part of the UHD PDX network

We are always glad to take on experienced agents to become part of our in-house realty group. Our agents benefit from 100% of the commission when UHD PDX purchases the property in question, and a 90/10 split on any outside deals that are closed, with a maximum annual cap of $15k paid to our company.

Ed Ozeruga Director of Acquisitions 503.740.6824