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Smart Development

At Urban Housing Development, part of what fuels us is our passion for smart development in our community. We can assess a plot of land quickly to analyze its promise for successful use as any type of development project. We maintain a keen awareness of the factors that determine a property’s qualities and potential that enables us to make informed judgements surrounding them. Indeed, our ears are always to the ground and our fingers always on the pulse of the Portland market.

Diverse Sources

We buy land in the Portland area in every situation. From large stretches to small plots, our goal is to help landowners find a profitable opportunity for their properties. Because of our knowledge and understanding of the market, we can take your land and develop it into something that will benefit and complement our thriving community. If you would like more information, give us a call today at 503-607-9452, or fill out our convenient online form below.

Why work with UHD PDX?

Whatever the status of your property, we are in the position of offering value. We’ve got the experience you need to help you make an informed decision about your property. Whether you are ready and need to sell tomorrow, you have the time to let the property sit on the market in an effort to gain maximum value, or simply, you would like to wait longer because you haven’t made a concrete decision to sell, we can provide you with the information you need to help you have a complete understanding of your property’s situation.  We have the knowledge and background on land transfer issues, land entitlement issues, development obstacles, and most any other land situations as our staff has encountered every type of issue and transaction. We are also well-versed in the local zoning and planning rules and regulations, and can be helpful benefactors for your property needs.

You won’t be surprised to know, however, that we are eager buyers. We procure land and plots with enthusiasm because Portland is such a promising area with a strong market, and we have a personal, vested interest in the community. Fostering smart growth with the community’s benefit in mind is something we greatly pride ourselves in at Urban Housing Property Buyers. Further, we have a knack for seeing the potential in any piece of land. Every development started out as a raw section of land, and we never forget that.

Find out more about your property's value

If you have a plot of land that you would like to sell or would simply like edification about its status and our process, connect with us today. We can help you at any stage, whether the property you have is raw, a finished lot, or even contains preliminary approval for planning. Our staff of real estate professionals will be able to help answer your questions, assess your needs, and customize our process. If you would like to schedule a straight-forward and hassle-free complimentary consultation with one of us, fill out the contact form below, and we can reach out to you to discuss your situation.

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