We Buy Houses in Portland

No Matter What Condition

We understand that life presents difficult, unexpected situations in which you need to sell your house fast. The thought of hiring a realtor or personally selling your Portland, Oregon home to a new owner is oftentimes not an option for various reasons. That’s where Urban Housing Property Buyers comes in – we buy houses when you’re in a pinch. No matter the circumstances, take the simplest way out with a fair cash offer today.

Why use UHD PDX?

While realtors provide an undeniable value to buyers, sellers and the entire Portland housing market, their demands are simply unreasonable for many individuals. By choosing the cash-in-hand option from Urban Housing Property Buyers, sellers can avoid an array of tedious tasks that typically complicate and prolong the selling process.

Legal fees and troubling inspections are mandatory steps for most sellers opting for the more traditional route. We’ve compiled a detailed list below with each step that sellers can avoid by choosing to sell their home to Urban Housing Property Buyers.


Scheduling a showing through a realtor or personal seller is stressful. There’s a good chance your home’s current condition neither meets the realtor’s nor buyer’s standards. Save time and money on renovations and cleanup by avoiding showings altogether with our convenient “we buy houses” service today.


Buyers despise paying inspection fees, especially when they discover that the home is not currently up to code. Inspectors are critical with their work and look for any reason to mark you down. Most individuals looking to sell quickly have no time to prepare for inspections.

Additional Expenses

Repairs, closing costs, loans and commission take a hefty chunk out of your wallet when selling a home in traditionally. Urban Housing Property Buyers merely gives fair cash offers based off simple, free consultations.


We understand that your Portland, Oregon home might not be worth what it was when you initially purchased it. Assessing true market value through professional appraisals is only necessary when putting a home on the market for a future homeowner. Spare yourself the stress and unsettling realization of your home’s market value by selling with Urban Housing Property Buyers.

Schedule a hassle-free consultation with one of our experienced employees today if this seems like the option for you.

The reason why we buy houses so willingly is due to the promising housing market in Oregon. Our team of passionate contractors renovates homes in all conditions to increase their value in the Portland area. Schedule a hassle-free consultation with one of our experienced employees today if this seems like the option for you. Our staff has encountered every type of transaction so we’re able to customize each process to meet your personal needs.

We buy houses in Portland no matter what condition they’re in, and we’d be happy to buy yours. At Urban Housing Property Buyers, we pride ourselves on seeing the potential in every home and look forward to giving you the offer and simple process you deserve.

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