Cash for Homes Portland: How It Works

Here at Urban Housing Property Buyers, we know just how difficult and overwhelming it can be when you’re trying to sell your home. That’s why we’re here to make the process as painless as possible and get you cash for your home FAST!

To put it simply, we provide cash for homes in Portland without all of the stress that usually accompanies the home-selling process. To get started right away, call (503) 604-9452 or fill out our contact form. To learn more about our process, read on.

Schedule a Simple Consultation

Our “cash for homes” process starts with a simple consultation with one of our professional buyers. Our talented and experienced employees understand the needs of customers wanting to sell their homes, as well as the realities of the property market, better than anyone else out there. That’s why we’re so keen for you to meet them! They’ll give you all the information you need, and you’ll have the chance to ask any questions you might have.

You'll Receive a Cash Offer from Us

We see the potential in every Portland, OR home, regardless of what kind of condition it’s in right now, and we’ll be more than happy to present you with a cash offer. We’re always fair, and it’s our goal to send you away happy with the offer you’ve received from us. You can respond to our offer as quickly as you like – and we’ll never make you feel pressured into giving us an answer.

No More Stress!

If you choose to accept our “cash for home” offer, you will be freeing yourself from the stress and hassle of the traditional sales process. Inspections, viewings and appraisals can all be ignored because we don’t require those things when we’re buying homes. All you’ll have to worry about is packing up your possessions and moving to your new place!

Finalize the Deal With Us and get Cash for Your Home!

When the deal is finalized, you’ll get the money in your hands and the ownership of the home will have transferred to us. It’s our aim to arrive at this point as quickly as possible because we never want to keep you waiting for any longer than is necessary. There’s no need for you to endure all the stress that comes with putting your house on the market when you can close quickly with us and move on with your life.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

Our cash for homes experts in Portland are ready to help you sell your house in the fastest, most convenient way possible. Contact us today at (503) 604-9452 or by using our convenient online form – we can’t wait to speak with you!