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I Inherited a House and Want to Sell It

When you inherit a property from a loved one, it is a clear gesture of the loving relationship that you shared. However, while it is a truly wonderful thing that the dearly departed has done, the reality of inheriting a house is a complex situation. In many cases, selling inherited real estate is the best solution to minimize stress and financial burdens.

Urban Housing Property Buyers can buy your inherited house quickly and at a fair price, making the process quick, painless, and financially rewarding. Contact us today by calling (503) 604-9452 or filling out our contact form.

Keeping the Property Isn't Always Viable

Losing a loved one is an emotionally charged time for everyone involved. Sadly, the addition of financial assets and inheritance can take disagreements and animosity to an entirely new level. This is one of the most common reasons that people wish to sell inherited properties, but it’s far from being the only source of problems.

Depending on the size and condition of the property, the upkeep costs may turn into a financial drain. Unfortunately, if you do not have the capital to maintain the health of the home, it will inevitably start to deteriorate. Aside the depreciated value, it can be very sad to see a formerly loved home become little more than a memory.

Financial, practical, and family issues may all influence your decision. While you may feel a little guilty, it’s important to realize that your loved one was trying to help. If owning the property will bring negative impacts, selling the inherited home is better option by far.

Why Use a Quick Cash Sale?

Once you’ve concluded that “I inherited a house and want to sell it”, the next step is to find the right pathway to a suitable solution. A number of factors will be on your mind, but three elements stand out. Firstly, you want to know that the property ends up in respectful hands. Secondly, you owe it to the dearly departed to gain a fair sale price. Last but not least, you’ll be aiming for a quick and stress-free sale.

Urban Housing Property Buyers understands your needs and priorities when selling an inherited home. We have bought a variety of properties from people just like you across Portland. Even if the house isn’t in perfect condition, we can offer a fair price on “as is” homes. Additionally, we always strive to respect your privacy while completing our end of the deal with clarity and transparency.

When you choose to sell your inherited house to Urban Housing Property Buyers, there will be no need to make yourself available for multiple viewings. No need to wait patiently until someone places a bid. No need to handle time-consuming administration, and no need to face the criticisms of unhappy family members.

With a quick cash sale, the property you’ve inherited can be turned into cold hard cash within a matter of days.

Call to Sell Your Inherited Home Today

Once the property has officially been transferred to your name, give us a call at (503) 604-9452 to get started. We will be happy to discuss the best options and arrange a no-obligation valuation. If you agree to the price we offer, the funds could be sitting in your account in a matter of days!