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Selling a Distressed Property in Portland

Selling a property can be a long winded and very frustrating affair in any situation. After all, the current market trends across America, not least in Portland, aren’t particularly kind to sellers. However, the situation looks far worse when the house in question has become distressed or damaged.

The longer that sale takes, the harder it will be to begin the next chapter of your life in style. For a fair, painless, and speedy way to sell your distressed property, Urban Housing Property Buyers is the only answer. To begin the process, contact us today at (503) 604-9452 or by filling out our online form.

Selling Distressed Property Through Standard Methods Won’t Work

Trying to sell distressed property can feel almost impossible. This can give you a major headache as you look to gain cash and begin a new adventure. However, once you step into a buyer’s shoes, it’s hardly difficult to understand the reasons for those struggles.

For the buyer, distressed and damaged buildings offer a major risk. The neglect means that there is an increased likelihood of structural problems such as damp or hazardous materials. Those potential repair costs, combined with the time and hassle, instantly makes the property seem less appealing. Due to those obstacles, potential buyers are likely to choose one of the many other properties for sale in the Portland area.

Even if you do find a buyer, the condition of the property virtually guarantees that the process will get drawn out. Surveys and other administrative will hold up the sale, and that could block your future purchase or next moves too. The increased difficulties of finding a buyer and completing the transaction are bad enough. However, there’s also a good chance that the sale price will be less than expected too.

Using A Quick Cash Sale

Quick “cash for home” [Link to How It Works] sales can be advantageous for homeowners in many situations. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the benefits are even greater when the property has become rundown and damaged due to years of neglect. Urban Housing Property Buyers is the perfect operator to turn your current nightmare into a dream scenario.

We need houses and will buy properties in virtually every conceivable condition. Whether the damage is purely cosmetic or involves serious structural issues doesn’t matter. We take a fair and transparent approach to offer you the quickest and fairest cash sale price available. Selling distressed houses has never been simpler.

Moreover, our team appreciates that you probably don’t feel particularly great about the current condition of the home. Our human understanding separates us from the crowd. This is just another reason why the quick cash sale solution wins out over traditional methods. When supported by fast and financially beneficial outcomes, it’s not hard to see why so many Portland homeowners have chosen our services when selling their distressed properties.