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Selling a Hoarder’s House in Portland

Given the current state of the real estate market, selling a home in Portland can be a long process. When selling a hoarder’s house, however, the prospect of finding a buyer can feel almost impossible. Of course, that’s unless you have an expert to help navigate your way through the problem.

Urban Housing Property Buyers can help you overcome the obstacles of selling a hoarder’s house to gain a quick sale at a fair price. As the owner of a hoarder’s home, it could be the answer to your selling troubles. To get started right away, contact us by calling (503) 604-9452 or by using our convenient online form.

What Is a Hoarder Home?

A hoarder home is a property that has become crammed from ceiling to floor with clutter. These items can range from household goods to broken electronics and even unwashed dishes. They look bad and have often fallen into disrepair. In many cases, this makes the house virtually impossible to live in – and even harder to sell!

Hoarder homes often create a health hazard, and make it very difficult for potential buyers to gain a vision for the property’s potential. The prospect of clearing and cleaning the home as well as fixing any issues that may currently be hidden, is another huge hurdle with selling a hoarder’s house.

The reasons for a home reaching this state are varied, but the outcomes are often the same. Moreover, the costs associated with repairing any damage can be astronomical. Aside from the financial burden, the thought of inviting people into the property can be extremely embarrassing.

Frankly, when it comes to selling a hoarder’s house, the situation is often as grim as the living space itself. However, there is a way to sell the property quickly at a fair price.

Quick Hoarder Home Cash Sales

Our friendly team at Urban Housing Property Buyers boasts a wealth of experience in this field. We have seen properties throughout Portland of all conditions imaginable, and we take immense pride in providing people like you with a solution to those problems.

We need homes to buy while you need someone to take the less-than-perfect property off your hands. Regardless of the state that your hoarder home has reached, we will offer a fair sale price. Moreover, the fact we offer a quick and seamless process means that you can get cash in your hands within just a few days.

When you get a valuation from our experts, there is no obligation to accept. However, it’s not very often that the owner of a hoarder home rejects our offers. After all, it’s the fastest, easiest, and often most financially beneficially way to draw a line under this chapter. In turn, that will enable you to get on with the rest of your life.

Whether you lived there, inherited the home, or had bad tenants, selling a hoarder’s house in Portland has never been easier.

Sell Your Hoarder Home Today

The first step to starting the hoarder home sale process is to give our experts a call. We’ll work quickly to ensure a win-win situation for everybody. To get started selling your hoarder house, you can give us a call at (503) 604-9452 or send us an email through our contact form!