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Selling a House After a Divorce

Divorce is difficult for a whole host of reasons, and deciding the future of your former marital home is arguably the most complex of all.

The property is probably the greatest financial asset that either of you possesses. Moreover, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll be eager to relinquish it for emotional reasons as well. Selling a house after a divorce isn’t easy, but with the right buyer the whole process can be streamlined as much as possible.

Many couples looking to sell their house after a divorce agreement in Portland have benefitted from using Urban Housing Property Buyers for quick cash sales, and you could too. Find out more by giving us a call at (503) 604-9452 or fill out our convenient online form.

Don't Waste Time and Money with Traditional Sales Methods

When going through a divorce, you naturally want to tie up the loose ends as quickly as possible. Quite frankly, the last thing you need is to be continuously held back by delays to the property sale.

Selling a house after a divorce in Portland via traditional methods can take months or even years. This is especially true when the property isn’t in the best of conditions, but even seemingly perfect homes can take a long time to sell. Unfortunately, that’s simply a side-effect of the current housing markets. With quick “cash for homes” type sales, however, you can gain access to money in a matter of days.

Even if the house has been neglected, we buy properties in all conditions. Regardless of the circumstances, this process makes selling your home after a divorce and severing financial ties as painless as possible.

While a quick solution is top of the agenda, it’s equally vital that you get a fair price. Adjusting to life as a single income household isn’t easy. By getting a good sale price on the old property, you’ll stand a far better shot of overcoming those obstacles.

When selling a house after a divorce agreement, long winded transactions will bring financial burdens. As well as the money lost through marketing, you could be forced to rent temporary accommodations while waiting for the sale funds to arrive. Taking the quick cash sale approach avoids this while you can be sure that you’ll receive a suitable offer from our experienced and honest experts.

We’ve bought properties of varying conditions throughout Portland. These range from perfect family homes to hoarder houses and neglected buildings. This experience puts us in a great position to create a win-win solution for all parties, saving you time, stress, and getting money in your hand as quickly as possible.

Selling Fast Means Less Stress at a Fair Price

Sell Your Divorce Property Today

Urban Housing Property Buyers is a trustworthy home buyer that can provide you with a speedy and fair solution that works for both of you.

From valuation to completion, the process of selling your house after a divorce can be finished in just days. So why go through the strain of selling your home on the market – call Urban Housing Property Buyers today at (503) 604-9452 or use our contact form to get started.