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Selling Your Home Due to Bad Tenants / Bad Investment

Property investment is a gamble that doesn’t work out for everyone.

Whilst some get lucky and are able to make a profit, others can end up losing a lot of money having to pay for repairs or deal with tenants who are failing to pay rent.

In these situations, it’s often best to get out fast before such properties cause further financial problems. We can help you by buying such properties and taking the pressure away once and for all. To learn more, give us a call at (503) 604-9452 or fill out our convenient contact form.

Here are some of situations where you may be eager to get rid of your property:

Bad Renters

Even with sufficient screening, it’s sometimes impossible to prevent bad tenants from moving in. They may have fallen behind on their rent or refused to pay at all, causing you to struggle with the mortgage. Alternatively, they may have done damage to the property that needs to be fixed – possibly even beyond what you can physically afford.

Getting these renters out of your property may even have included having to take legal action, which could have cost you further. This could include hiring bailiffs or having to use a solicitor and take tenants to court.

Once these tenants are out, it’s likely you’ll want freedom from this property as it could require heavy repair costs or simply have bad memories attached to it that make you apprehensive of renting it again. We have dealt with such properties, and despite their past, will be able to find a new owner and take the burden off your hands.

Costly Maintenance

A property that is seemingly falling apart could end up costing you a lot of money in maintenance.

This could be anything from deterioration through age to weather damage such as flooding, leaks or wind damage. You may find yourself constantly having to hire out handymen or even running around fixing up the property yourself to save costs.

It may get to a point when you can no longer afford to keep fixing the property. No matter how bad a state it is in, we will buy your property so that it’s no longer draining your finances.

Unforeseen Depreciation

In some cases, a bad property investment may be a case of buying a property in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The area may have developed a bad name for itself and you may find that the value is depreciating and that people don’t want to live there anymore.

In such a case, you’ll want to sell up before the value plummets further. We can take such a property off of your hands and free you of this burden.

We'll Buy Any Property

We understand the stress, both financially and emotionally, that a bad property can cause to a landlord. Don’t let this stress further eat away at you. We will pay to take your property away, no matter how bad a condition it is in, or no matter how bad its history is. To get in touch, you can reach us by phone at (503) 604-9452 or online using our online form.